Recurring dreams of dead person in different funerals

In repeated recurring dreams of a same dead person, dream imagery shows deceased undergoing funeral preparations. Except in each dream, the funeral process is slightly different. What is the dream interpretation of this type of dream?

The dreamer may be having nostalgia for the deceased. maybe the dreamer was close to the dead person and has good memories of the times they shared together.

The dreamer may know the likes and dislikes of the deceased when they were together in life. The dreamer thinks the funeral could have been done better in a different way. Hence, the dreamer dreams about different last rites and funeral preparations which the dead may have talked about when they were alive.

The dreamer may know of unfinished business the deceased might have liked to complete had they enough time before they died. This can explain why the dreamer thinks the deceased is unhappy with the way the funeral was done. Thus the dreamer dreams of different additional steps for the funeral preparations.

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