Real dream analysis of rejection

Last night, I dreamed of three people. They were myself, my girl, and a woman. I had no idea who that woman was. Strangely, she was in our company. We three were packing suitcases. We pulled our luggage bags out and were walking somewhere. Then we passed by an apartment. The woman wanted to enter it. She and my girl entered the apartment that had a few occupants inside. I waited outside. After some time, I called out to them, that it was time to leave. They didn’t want to listen to me and continued to enjoy their time inside that apartment. The girl talked to a teen boy around her age. She also ate some food in the kitchen of that apartment. I called to the girl. I said, “Its time to leave.” She wasn’t ready to leave the apartment. I was angry and sad. I was angry because Girl didn’t want to leave the apartment. I was sad that my supplication was rejected and I was still left waiting outside the apartment. Then I gave up.

Then Girl walked out of the apartment door. I was relieved she returned to my side.

My dream ended because I woke up. I looked at my clock by my bed and saw it was almost 6 am.

Real dream analysis:

The Girl’s actions represented dissent and disagreement with me. She refused to leave the apartment several times, even as I stood outside, waiting for her. In real life, I had experienced people who had their own opinions and rejected to co-operate with me, and declined to mix with me.

This dream was about rejection. It sent a message to warn me to expect rejection.

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