Practicalities before we dream of love

Here are some practicalities before we dream of love. Rory runs A Guy Called Bloke Blog and his writing prompt is about love. Here are his questions:

Do you think that ‘background checks’ should be more commonplace between couples who are dating and or those looking to marry or live with each other?

Answer – As hasty as it sounds, checks are practical. My previous neighborhood had four men with serious illnesses and one man with financial debts. All five men were trying to date women with money, or earning potential.

Marry in haste, regret in leisure. Also, the in-laws and their relatives play family politics to manipulate you.

Do you think love alone is enough to see people through everything?

Answer – No. I needed survival skills, and tactical skills to dodge bullets. I have never met men who could provide for me.

What are your views on people getting married/living together too young – are you in total favour of that or not?

Answer – I wish I had a childhood sweetheart to ask for my hand in marriage. Age weighs heavily in disadvantages.

What do you think about people not getting to know their partners well enough – is it something that should be looked at more closely whilst you live apart or something that can be worked on when you are under the same roof together?

Answer – Get to know your crush before you live together. One week of starvation in physical abuse can kill you. A few words of psychological abuse can kill you in a few seconds.

What are your views on couples who are teenage sweethearts and simply wish to get married and yet they have never sampled anything else of life, they have never had other partners and the list goes on … but they are willing to sacrifice their life for living with one person only believing they are the right person for them?

Answer – There are no perfect individuals and no perfect couples. Live with imperfections.

Finally, which is the best love ? The one we think is right or the the love that finds you by chance or the love we source out with intention?

Answer – I think we need to evaluate whether a relationship can work out before we jump into the ring.

Thanks to Rory for this interesting reflection.

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