New homes: Dream Interpretation #22

A young woman used to narrate her dreams to me. Her dreams had a recurring theme, which involved living in new homes. I knew she liked to look at different types of houses, although she was not financially capable to buy a property. Her waking life desire manifested in dreams, where she visited or lived in grand houses. From where did her mind conjure such images? She used to look at photos of all kinds of houses and accommodation. Her brain must have stored these images as memories.

Recurring dream which happened on these dates:
July 9 2016 – The woman dreamed she lived in a large house spanning two levels. There were a small boy and a small girl playing together. The babysitter was a domestic helper.

August 9 2016 – The woman said she dreamed of living in the U.K. She was residing alone. She awoke from this dream, because she needed to go to the bathroom. After which she fell asleep and had a second dream. This dream seemingly continued the first dream, in the same theme. Again, it was about living in a different home This was about living in a big house by the beach.

August 13 2016 – The woman dreamed she was living in a new home with her family. The location was in the U.K. She said it was frightening because she had expected to live outside the UK.

Dreaming of a different home again
September 14 2016 – I dreamed I was living somewhere in Europe. My family and I stayed in a house with a garden. A visitor dropped by. Police personnel came to see us and told us to evacuate our house. We packed our bags and went to stay in a hotel. We went window shopping in a mall. A young and small looking girl was also walking around the shopping center. She told us she was also staying in the same hotel as us. She looked like she had Caucasian origins. The general feeling in this dream was happy.

October 6 2016 – I dreamed I was standing in front of a house, with a garden. It looked similar to a relative’s house, except that it wasn’t.

October 201 2016 – Dreaming of staying in a landed property is a recurring dream.

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