Meaning of these dreaming prompts

These are originally writing prompts but I’ve misappropriated them for “dreaming” prompts. Just to try to see if it can be done.

Dreaming of spinach means – you have an innate desire to eat greens. Your body tells you to eat leafy vegetables for nutrients and roughage. You might have been influenced by Popeye cartoons and the myth of the benefits of eating spinach.

Dreaming of spell check means – you might be acutely aware of your weakness in spelling. In your past, you might have made mistakes in written communication and felt guilty about spelling errors.

Dreaming of introducing yourself, “Hello, I’m …” means – You might have an important meeting to attend and you are nervous about this. You might be rehearsing your introduction speech in your head and dream.

Dreaming of “provide” means – you are anxious for your physical well-being. You have to be responsible for yourself and/ or others and you have to provide basic essentials for their welfare.

Dreaming of Sesame means – If your personal context in life has associations with working towards wealth, then the image of Sesame can be associated to Ali Baba and his cave of treasures, where he yells “Open Sesame!” and the door opens. If you waking life has something to do with Sesame seeds, then your dream of Sesame seeds was probably triggered by this.

Dreaming of zit means – you were worried about a imperfection. You might be trying to hide a secret which is something nasty (a pimple).

Dreaming of heart means – you are worried about your physical health of your heart. If you have a romantic interest, it means your intuition is hinting you should pay some attention to te matter close at heart.

Dreaming of pithy event means – you are tensed and stressed. Thus your dream has vigorous expressions of the theme that surrounds you.

Dreaming of Pepsi means – you desire this soft drink because of the delicious buzz it gives you. If you had special memories associated with Pepsi, like drinking this with a special person, or having an incident with Pepsi, you might dream of this fizzy drink due to the strong impression in your memory.

Dreaming of hole means – You need to pay attention to what’s in front of you. Be careful of hole in the ground and pitfalls that may trap and injure you physically or metaphorically.

Dreaming of mug means – You wish to take a hot beverage drink. Maybe you were thirsty in your sleep.

Dreaming of etiquette means – You could be concerned about your manners, or mannerisms of others.

Dreaming of vinyl means – You have nostalgia for the old days when vinyl records were played. Or you could be desiring to do an artistic creation with a vinyl record and that idea was played out in your head.

Dreaming of popcorn means – You want to eat some popcorn. It may be a long time since you last ate popcorn. If you associate popcorn with the movie theater, it can also mean you miss going out to the cinema to watch a movie and munch on popcorn.

Dreaming of impeach means – You have probably read too much political news.

Dreaming of heist means – somebody may be planning to steal under your nose. You probably have picked up the clues and your intuition told you in a dream that a heist might happen.

Dreaming of sadness means – You could be sad because you were sad during your waking hours. The mood has continued into your dream.

Dreaming of ink means – You are going to write a letter soon.

Dreaming of dread means – you are trying to procrastinate an action because you are not keen on it.

Dreaming of Amazon means you have ordered something and are expecting delivery of your purchased item. If you have not ordered online from Amazon, this dream is an insistence for you to take action.

Dreaming of Slacks means you are going to wear them soon. If you don’t own a pair of slacks, this dream is a reminder to get one soon.

Dreaming of saying I beg you means you have an urgent request from someone. If you face difficulties in your waking day, you might dream of seeking help from someone to rescue you from bad trouble.

Dreaming of rains means you have an intuition it might rain outdoors, or rain from your eyes. You might be knowing of some cause for you to cry.

Dreaming to fill the gap means you know you are being called upon to perform some necessary work.

Dreaming of the space bar means you are going to do plenty of typing of words and that’s why you need the space bar in-between words.

Dreaming you were saying a sentence word for word means you are troubled by an important task and you’re repeating this to remind yourself.

Dreaming of deadlines means you are under pressure to complete your work. Your stress and anxiety has triggered this dream.

Dreaming of being included means you were anxious of being left out.

Dreaming of change means you are anxious over changes which disturb the old equilibrium.

Dreaming of the awkward moment when you said oops means you are worried of being embarrassed and humiliated in public.

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Thanks to the host for creating this list of do-able prompts which were a joy to write.