Meaning of parrot dream

If you had a parrot dream, it means you’ll see fake people in your waking life. The parrot dream symbol means you’ll hear repetitions of an original saying. These are not authentic opinions, but mere alliterations of the original quote. The parrot captures fragments of speech and does not tell the whole story. Thus, it presents a biased voice snapshot, which does not tell the entire truth.

The meaning of parrot dream is also a reminder to warn you that you may have a traitor in your midst. This person is symbolized as a parrot, who can blurt out snippets of information, at the most awkward moments. The little statements do not tell the whole picture, but may slander you unfairly. The parrot can be an ally or enemy because it is unpredictable in when and what it chooses to say. The warning reminds you that the parrot is not reliable and on the contrary, you should be wary of it.