Meaning of dreaming of zoo: Dream interpretation zoo

Meaning of dreaming of zoo
A zoo is a collection of animals for viewing. When you dream of a zoo, its meaning could be derived by thinking of possible reasons.

1) You have visited zoos and have memories. Nostalgia/ longing to see a zoo may have triggered this dream.

2) A memorable event at the zoo has made a strong memory of this episode. Something during your day may have triggered this memory and replayed it in a dream.

3) A bad memory of a visit at the zoo may have triggered this dream. The dream the should be interpreted as a reminder of a threat. Maybe some event during your previous day reminded you of this similar happening which occurred at the zoo.

Dream interpretation zoo
Interpreting the dream depends on your personal experiences and associative meanings attached to the symbol of the zoo.

The zoo can be a metaphor for human beings who behave badly, like animals. If you had seen people acting badly in waking life, then this is what was referred to, in the dream symbol of a zoo.

Dreaming of two animals fighting.

If you  dream of two animals fighting in a place like the zoo or farm, it could mean that the older of two will win. When this symbol is applied to a waking life situation, it hints that two people are locked in a fight. The elder of the two will win.

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