Meaning of dreaming of heart or dreaming of hearing heartbeat

if you were dreaming of seeing your heart, or dreaming of hearing your heartbeat, it can mean several issues.

  1. You are suffering from fatigue.
  2. You are ill because of a heart ailment and your body has sent a signal to your brain, which then tries to communicate this message to you in a dream.
  3. You are emotionally taxed and your heart is stressed. You may have been hurt and your emotional heart is taking the toil.
  4. If you dream of hearing a heartbeat, it can mean either your heart is pumping vigorously, or you have another heart beating within you. If you are a biologically fertile woman, you might take a pregnancy test to check your state.
How people die from broken hearts.

Prompt from M. Cook – “Transparent hearts

Flow chart on dream interpretations of heart dreams
Meaning of dreaming of heart

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