Meaning of dreaming of city

Dream interpretation of living in city

If you dream of the city, it could mean good news for you, depending on your personal views of the city. If you had secret desires to live in a city, this dream could be your wish fulfillment. You nurtured an ambition of living in a city because it embodied the traits and values you admired.

If you had applied for a job in the city and you’ve dreamed about it, it could mean good news for you.

If you had personal doubts about living in a city, because you dislike certain characteristics about urban living, then your stress has triggered this dream. Since your inner consciousness has spoken to you, you should plan to handle this. If you ignore your subconscious thoughts, you will face difficulties because you’re fighting yourself.

There are other connotations related to a city. This dream symbol holds different meanings for each individual. The meaning of this dream will depend on your unique experiences, cultural associations and gut feel of what it means to you.