Meaning of dreaming of being photographed

How do you feel being on the other side of the camera lens? Formerly, you were the photographer, but now, someone has turned the table on you. You are the subject of the camera lens.

If you dreamed you were being photographed, it can mean you feel stressed in waking life. Perhaps you feel being examined under a microscope. Hence the dream imagery of being photographed. Being photographed can also imply being captured for criticism.

Other dream interpretations of being photographed:

  1. Dreaming of looking at your picture means you’re checking how you expressed yourself at the time your photo was snapped. The photograph captured your image as seen as a fact.
  2. Dream imagery of looking at your own picture means you’re paying attention to your close-up appearance.
  3. You’re reminded to examine your surroundings in the photo.
  4. Dreaming of looking at a photograph can mean you’re thinking about the memory of the time your picture was snapped. Dreaming of being photographed indicates the act of preserving a moment in time. You’re directed to focus attention on whatever is happening.
  5. You’re popular enough for someone else to desire having your photo. Your ego or sense of importance has stimulated your brain to dream of having your picture taken.
  6. A photo is a fact and document. How does this photo document relate to your present situation in life? It is meant for you to take note of that particular moment when the photo was snapped. Photos are about the past. Your brain waas triggered to recall a specific past episode, to remind you of important messages.
  7. In the dream, did you think your photo was taken secretly? If you dreamed that you were unaware of having such a picture taken, it means you’re being spied on. Perhaps this dream is a message to be sensitive and alert to your surroundings.

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