Meaning of dream of writing letter

If you dream of writing letter, it can mean you have some important communication to pass on. This type of dream is usually a reminder to do your “homework” and get your necessary work done.

If you can see yourself writing an email, or composing a letter at your computer, this imagery gives some clues. To be using a computer can mean the writing is to be sent to a formal contact. On the other hand, to be using a pen to write means the communication is to be sent as an informal message. This could be a short note, or an informal letter to a friendly acquaintance.

Sometimes, writing a message can be directed to the dreamer’s self. Maybe the subconsciousness has a message to pass on to the dreamer’s consciousness. It’s important to record dreams to prevent their loss due to short term memory displacement in the busyness of the day.

Dreaming of Post-it, sticky note, letter boxes.