Meaning of dream of cleaning

Prue did not dream of cleaning her inherited book store called The Vintage Bookshop of Memories. Its because she was unaware that her deceased mother had left behind such a book store. The dream interpretation of cleaning is transformation. The dream imagery of cleaning means renewing, refreshing , transfiguring and related associations.

After Prue Clemonte discovers her mother Dorothy’s The Vintage Bookshop of Memories, she cleans it up. Cleaning her mother’s book store legacy, is therapy for slowly coming to terms with her grief of not knowing her mother.

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Some time back, I read of a character who hated to do cleaning, because she worked as a cleaner for her living. She is Vitoria, the protagonist in Indelicacy. The review is at the link. Vitoria started working as a cleaner when she was 12 years old. She had brushed toilets, scrubbed tiled walls, mopped floors and wiped virtually every surface that could be wiped. Cleaning is tiring hard work.

In the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, more cleaning is essential. Vitoria’s boss who owns a cleaning company, would be hiring more young women to be cleaners. In fact, anyone who is eligible. More cleaning service companies are born. The thankless job that few want to do, becomes the essential, go-to job that puts food on the table.

She was a Cinderella until her version of Prince Charming came and swept her off her feet. Read Indelicacy by Amina Cain.

Other dream interpretations for cleaning:

  1. Dreaming of cleaning means you have a desire to toss away unwanted clutter, trash or etc.
  2. If your conscience is unclean, it may trigger a dream about cleaning. Physical cleaning can be an allegory to other types of cleaning. To interpret cleaning in a dream, it means an attempt to clean up a situation, to make amends, and make good.
  3. Dreaming of cleaning can mean tidying up and straightening to spruce up a place.
  4. Dreaming of cleaning for someone means you’re helping that person.
  5. Dreaming of cleaning a place has meanings associated with that place. This kind of cleaning dream means you’re unhappy with the state of the place or your connections to that place.
  6. If someone has visited your home or used your things, you may dream of cleaning up. This dream interpretation is that your personal space or privacy has been violated.
  7. Dream imagery of showering and bathing also means cleaning. Ckleaning your body is a metaphorical act, to clean yourself from invisible dirt like guilt or shame. If you have been unwell or sick, your dream of cleaning in showering or bathing can mean a physical cleaning like detoxification. You might need a detoxication or other treatment to address this health concern.
  8. Dreaming of cleaning can mean preparation for an important event like a big day, date or function. If you’re expecting news for something you had anticipated, then this dream can be a prophesy.

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