Interpret dream of weapons

If you dream of weapons, it might mean you were thinking of using them during your waking hours. At night, when you sleep, your dream continued this theme of using weapons. You should reflect on the causes that triggered your thoughts on using weapons. Did you think and dream of using weapons for self defence? Or did you dream of using weapons because you want to behave aggressively for an intention?

If the dreamer has been psychologically hurt and wants to take revenge, then they may dream of weapons. The correct way to deal with hurt is not revenge, but to manage the anger, emotions and problems. Please ask for help from your family members, friends, or professional counselors.

Using weapons in waking life is a sensitive issue. There are terms and conditions to carry a weapon. There are even more rules on using weapons. You may not do self harm, or injure a living thing. You might wish to consult with a psychiatrist to sort out your concerns.

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