Interpret dream of being watched

How do we interpret dream of being watched? When we dream, we are often the passive bystanders. We see what’s going on in our dream. We may or may not be active participants in our dream. We watch ourselves in our dream.

But what does it mean when we are the watched in our dream? It can mean we think we are being observed. If we are in. This kind of situation in our waking life, we may dream about this in our sleeping life too. It’s because our dreams continue the themes we experience during our day.

What are the situations when we are watched during our day? When we are at work. Especially when we work for someone, or. Working in a big company.

When are we watched in our personal life? When we are in a close relationship. We spend a large amount of time with our significant other, and our family.

Why do we dream of being watched? Sometimes, this type of dream is meant to send assurances that we too are appreciated and loved. We are being watched because we are valued.

Sometimes, the dream tells us we have to be careful, because we are in the cross hairs. We are under surveillance for our behaviors. It is to catch us at our worst. We may be told of our errors to give us a chance to improve, or to dismiss us immediately.

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