Insects: TMP

My post for The Monday Peeve (TMP) Feb 22 2021 is on insects. I hate mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, big spiders, house flies and etc. These are pests which may spread diseases and illnesses. I spent money on insect sprays, sticky bait, and extermination to reduce these household pests. Someone in my family had dengue fever because of a mosquito bite and spent a few weeks recuperating at home. The diet had to be rich in fluids because dengue caused fluid loss, poor appetite, fever and other symptoms. I asked myself, what if I had been the one who got sick? Who would be there to be my care giver? When I had flu, I spent three weeks trying to recover from it. I decided to reduce the risks that cause diseases, rather than to fall prey to them. This is why I am vigilant against insect pests that carry potential risks of harm.

The Monday Peeve #76 hosted by Paula Light. Tag: TMP

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