I dream of Scrump plushie

I day dream of Scrump plushie. In my old days of mental stress, physical hardship, emotional wounds and psychological turmoil, Scrump consoled me.

Scrump, with outstretched limbs, always waited for me to pick her up. Her crooked smile comforted me. I forgot persecutions received when I looked at Scrump’s smile.

Thank you Scrump.

Scrump has button eyes and a button belly button.

Sandip Roy, radio host/ writer based in Kolkata, India, had his article paying tribute to his plushie, published by The New York Times International Edition (Saturday-Sunday, July 17-18, 2021). He acknowledged the role of comfort companions during Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you have your special plushie? Do your weary battles disappear when you look at your favourite soft toy?