Husband dreams of wife having boyfriend #14

What happens when the husband dreams of his wife’s boyfriend? Maybe the husband has seen signs of is wife losing her interest in him. He suspects she has a boyfriend. His overactive imagination conjures up the dream of his wife having her boyfriend.


We’ve been telling the fiction of dreaming of the husband’s mistress. However, the story can be different too. It can be the husband dreaming of his wife’s boyfriend. A man, whose wife is called Rhonda, dreams his wife has a boyfriend. The drawing shows the woman Rhonda, who has a fantasy over her crush. He is a man named Hanson, a play on the word handsome, because he is young and handsome. Rhonda would like to capture Hanson and detain him for her sole amusement.

Dreaming of husband's mistress
Rhonda traps Hanson in bars of mental stress, guilt, physical boundaries of work, materialism, carnal pleasure and economic status.

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