How to furnish your bedroom for better sleep and dreams

How do you furnish your bedroom for better sleep and dreams? We like our bedrooms to be bright, airy and cheerful during the day but dark and quiet at night. Electric lights can uplift the mood, create ambiance and add to the aesthetics. Most of us sleep with lights out but if you need a small light to illuminate the room, use a night light. If there are lights shining into your bedroom window, install blackout curtains or blinds.

How many times have you tried to quench your thirst with a liquid other than water because you didn’t have water at hand and you couldn’t drink tap water? Drinking commercially prepared drinks may load your body with caffeine which keeps you awake at night. Every bedroom should have a large bottle of drinking water. Keeping a kettle at home encourages you to boil water when you feel thirsty and there’s no bottled water. The first taste of warm water is satisfying and will entice your taste buds to take more.

Prepare a snack basket for your bedroom. Scan the ingredients in every snack. Ban any foods that list caffeine in their ingredients. Buy some small packets of UHT treated plain milk, which is shelf stable, aseptic and does not require refrigeration. You can place this milk in your bedroom for a nightcap to quell a growling stomach.

Have you done some special furnishings to your bedroom to help you sleep better?

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