How to buy a cheongsam

How to buy a cheongsam? There are several factors to consider.

Here are considerations before purchasing a cheongsam:

  1. What is the occasion for wearing it?
  2. Is it for a single use or multiple functions’ use?

How to buy a cheongsam depends on a factor like the occasion for wearing it. Cheongsams are a traditional clothing style and usually worn every Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year).

This ethnic fashion style can be a choice to wear when one wants to impress and appear unique. Aside from women from Chinese ethnicity, who else would think of showing up at a formal function in a cheongsam?

When to wear a cheongsam? Occasions for wearing a cheongsam:

  1. Chinese New Year visitations of relatives and friends.
  2. Formal dinners.
  3. Occasions where Chinese ethnicity are emphasized, like weddings, anniversaries of death, prayers at temples and etc.

Pie chart shows the distribution of percentage of the probability of wearing a cheongsam

Pie chart shows percentage of distribution of occasions to wear a cheongsam
Pie chart on occurrences of when to wear a cheongsam dress

From left to right:

A cheongsam paired with a long skirt.

Different styles of cheongsam over the years.

My friend is sewing and selling cheongsam.

Timeline of cheongsam trends
Timeline of cheongsam trends

To be continued.