How caregiver stress can lead to tragedy

Once upon a time, a couple has a daughter who they loved dearly. Unfortunately, this daughter developed agoraphobia, which made her anxious in unfamiliar environments.

The young woman tried to cope using hypochondriacal preoccupations, which meant she insisted on getting her own way, because she couldn’t accept her anxieties over unfamiliar surroundings and issues. She had compulsive obsessions. She wasn’t able to hand down a regular job. She was dependent on her ageing parents, and close circle of friends, to live her life. She demanded protection from her anxieties, by insisting on depending on these people around her. She bullied her elderly parents. She refused to seek professional help from mental health experts. She distrusted medications and therapy.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back came when she armed herself with a kitchen knife and threatened to cut her father. The long suffering old man lost his sense of judgment and attacked her. She was killed in the process.

Caregiver stress can lead to tragedy when a person reaches their breaking point and tips over the equilibrium state.

If you are under stress for more than two weeks, it can lead to clinical depression. This state may deteriorate and present subsequent more problematic conditions. Please talk to people you trust and get help.