Factors causing dreams (28)

The strongest psychological factor that triggers a dream, is threat. When your brain perceives threat to your mental state/ physical safety/ emotional well-being, it digs up old memories of similar experiences. One such memory may be replayed in a dream. Depending on the state of anxiety and various other factors in play which are unique to the dreamer, one memory, or more than one memory, can be stringed to replay in a dream. Sometimes, other “fake memories”, which did not happen, but are inventions of slices of “fake happenings”, are included in your dream.

Do not worry about dreams being foretelling prophesies. Usually they are not.

There is the case when a dream can be telling you information. But this is usually after your intuition (gut feeling) has been processed (thought over). This intuition nags your brain until it is unleashed in a communicative dream.

There is also another school of thought, advocated by Carl Jung, that the Collective Unconscious (pool of knowledge that can be shared by mankind) will be made available to sleepers in dreams. This is when you get that “Aha!” moment of truth.

Why do we dream of threats? it is meant to prepare us to fight the threat, or take flight to run away from the threat. When you face a threat during your day, your brain rakes up a dream to prepare you to plan or take action to deal with the threat.

The strongest psychological cause for dreams is – threat.

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This series was originally written and drawn in 2017.

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