Experiment in Telepathy

I tried an experiment in telepathy. My experiment partner was a young woman. I don’t know her personally so this reduces bias from familiarity.

Telepathy sends Mental thought

The subject was across the hallway, in another room. First, I mentally formed a sentence and repeated it continuously. The subject picked up the vibes and was able to accurately say what was communicated.

Telepathy communicates Verbalization

The same experiment was repeated, except that now a sentence was whispered. The position of the subject was far enough to eliminate the possibility of audible hearing. Again, the subject communicated the right sentence.

Visualization in telepathy: telepathic sighting

The subject is in a separate room across a hallway. I hold up an object. The subject said the name of the object. I was surprised. I tried several more times. I held up different objects and each time, the subject was able to name the objects. By now, I am beyond belief. I used to try telepathy experiments before but I had never achieved any accurate results. I turned to meditation to concentrate and focus. I think this made many improvements to my life.

The subject called her friends to come and witness repeats of this experiment. She asked her friends to try to visualize images, listen for audible sounds and use their mind’s eye to see. None of them were able to.

I am skeptical about telepathy so I’m going to say that this works only for the group of people who practice skills in concentration and sending energy vibes outwards.

I think meditation has trained me to focus my concentration. And when I use this focus for Telepathy, I’m better enabled to send out energy vibes.