Dreaming technology nightmare

What if you’re dreaming technology nightmare about being thwarted or defeated by machines? What is the dream interpretation of machines and high tech devices bullying you?

Dreaming of technology nightmare can mean:

  1. You are uncomfortable with high tech software and/ or hardware. You have a fear of being unable to understand enough to use these.
  2. You are working with high tech equipment and you fear something might go wrong.

What you can do to help yourself after your dream interpretation:

  1. Learn about the high tech machines and software you are using on a regular basis. Knowledge is power. Once you have conquered your equipment, you stop experiencing fears and subsequently, your nightmares will also cease.
  2. Discuss questions, issues and problems with someone who is able to offer advice on handling them. When you know you’re not alone, you gain confidence in handling high tech. Your nightmares will no longer frighten you.