Dreaming of winning the outdoor mural art competition

The outdoor mural art competition is one of the toughest kind of contests. You need to have an idea of what to draw in mind. Then you need to do a rough sketch on the wall to map out the proportions. When you are satisfied with your draft, you need to ink in the outline, before filling in the colors. All this while, you are working under the natural elements of the sun and wind. If it rains, you have to pause your painting, and hope the water doesn’t ruin the paints already on the wall. Time is also a consideration. You need to complete your art mural within the allocated time frame. There are many factors working against you.

Thus, if you had been dreaming of winning the outdoor mural art competition, that would mean something! This kind of dream can be a message for you to be bold and persevere in your attempts, because you never know when you might actually win in your attempt.

Prompt – The Daily Spur “outdoor mural art competition

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