Dreaming of using Covid-19 to plot fatal scam

This was the dream of using Covid-19 to plot fatal scam:

A pair of siblings are as thick as thieves. They had the vaccination against Covid-19. They got themselves infected with Covid-19 with the intention of being carriers of the pandemic. They planned to infect relatives with some money or property. After the unfortunate relatives die, they will inherit, steal or squat on the valuables.

God intervened. He turned back the evil man’s plan to visit his relative on a small island. He intervened in the timeline and expedited the local government’s closure of its international borders to tourists and air passengers in transit. Then the evil man was turned back.

The evil man spent sleepless nights churning out alternative plots.He would complain about his food in his father’s and grandparents’ home. He would say he desired to live in a different country to try out their food. He thought of a plan to kill his hosts. Then steal and takeover their home and money. This was a foolproof plan. It has been executed all over the world, across the ages. He may kill the female hostess and cremate her body. Then he would pay syndicate counterfeiters to make a fake birth certificate, claiming to a son or kin of the deceased woman, in order to inherit her estate. There would be no DNA left to test and confirm kinship.