Dreaming of toy comes alive

If you were dreaming that your toy comes alive, it means your brain has indulged in fantasy. You may e undergoing a difficult phase in your life, and you desire to escape the troubles, by seeing a fantasy like a toy becoming alive. Your toy gave you comfort and joy when you were young and that is why you dream of it when you are distressed.

Scrump soft toy
Scrump and fake Scrump

Why you dream of soft toy: Importance of soft toy

Soft toy mascots of ordinary civilians are much loved. They participate in the waking lives and day dreams of their owners. They are part of these dreams as they are held by their owners. Owners who have possessed their soft toys for many years have even bought replacements for their worn out originals, or sent them to tailors for repair. However, many would prefer to keep their original soft toy because of their personal bonds and memories with it.

Although there are sewing workshops that repair soft toys, these are not well known. More needs to be done to spread the word that soft toys can e repaired or remade.

Why the fuss given to soft toys who are mere objects of fancy? Soft toys are one of the first in line when we search for comfort and solace in this harsh world. What does not become better with a hug from a fluffy favorite soft toy? Who does not travel with their fave soft toy packed in the check-in luggage or carry-on bag?

Soft toys also function as puppets. They are under out thumb and can act out our commands when we steer their movements like puppets. What is there not to like in a soft toy who mirrors our likes and dislikes? Birds of a feather stick together. We puppet our soft toy to share our opinion and sit on our side of the fence. Our soft toy becomes our best friend.

Owners of soft toys might use them as therapy helpers. They are silent and non-judgmental. You can talk aloud or form thoughts silently to air your grievances. This is a variation of Gestalt Therapy, which uses an empty chair as a prop, to represent the person, to whom your complaints are directed. Its weird to speak to an empty chair. A soft toy offers better support.

You feel better after venting your frustrations. Using this soft toy therapy is next to free. You paid only once to acquire the soft toy and it becomes your therapist for life. Or as long as it holds up.

The soft toy has a back story which takes after its inventor’s created story. For example, Scrump has a back story which is in line with Disney’s story of Lilo and Stitch. If you like the character traits of Scrump, it means you identify with Scrump and share empathy for it. There is a strong common bond of themes with this particular soft toy. As dreams continue themes seen in the day, you might dream of a theme and see your soft toy in it.

Soft toy therapy – try it.