Dreaming of the underworld

I knew I was dreaming of the underworld when I heard screams. They were agonizing screams like someone was in pain. I didn’t see anyone. The stimulus I received was audio. I was jolted awake and looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I looked at my bedside clock and it said 2:30 am.

Chinese culture has stories about the underworld. Common folklore said that after a person dies, the soul descends into the underworld/ netherworld/ hell. It walks and stands in front of a closed door. There is a table with a bowl of soup. The soul must drink this before it is allowed to proceed.

Christians and Catholics have their own traditional stories of the underworld. Catholics learn in religious studies that the soul of the deceased can go in either one of three directions. It may ascend to Heaven, descend to Hell, or go to Purgatory. The last option means the soul stays, in a temporary place to suffer and atone for its sins committed during its lifetime.

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