Dreaming of the Slide

When I was a child, I used to dream of the playground. It was a fun place to be. There were swings, a slide, merry-go-round, a playhouse and a sandpit. Sometimes, I would dream of sitting on the swing. Sometimes, I saw myself on the slide. Other times, I would dream of playing on a different piece of playground equipment.

It was only after I studied psychoanalysis in the dreamworld, that I understood the details of dream imagery. If I saw myself seated at the top of my slide, it meant I was at the top of things. I would be enjoying my position. If I saw myself seated at the bottom of the slide, it meant the best part of the episode was over and now I was at the bottom, waiting to start over again.

Some people might think that I’m being overly analytical. Maybe. Perhaps dreaming of being at the top of the slide, or at the bottom of it, has no significance.

Prompt – Daily Addictions word is slide. For Aug. 17 2019.

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