Dreaming of terrapins eating calcium

Did you know that terrapins love to eat calcium blocks? These are commercially made calcium blocks, shaped like turtle or terrapin. The calcium block is placed in the terrapin’s aquarium, for the purpose of allowing the calcium to dissolve in the water. Subsequently, the terrapins drink the water, which is infused with calcium.

Not many people know that terrapins like to bite and chew on the calcium blocks. These terrapins know how to cut to the quick. Why wait for calcium flavored water when you can have the real thing?

If you dream of terrapins eating calcium, it can mean they need more nutrition. Another dream interpretation would be to refer the dream back to you. Maybe you are the living thing who requires calcium. Maybe it is difficult for your brain to tell you this. Instead, another animal has been used as a reference point, to infer that calcium is required in the diet. Do you think you need calcium? Maybe your dietary intake of calcium is lacking. Maybe you have experienced weak teeth and bones. Your intuition may have told you that your diet is far from optimum and you are lacking in essential nutrients. You should check with your G.P. to verify this.