Dreaming of requited love & feeling happier

The dream interpretation for dreaming of requited love & feeling happier.

Why do we pursue after unrequited love? Our pursuit maybe fruitless. Why do we feel angry at rejection? Love is not one sided. When we are infatuated with one person, it does not mean they will be equally attracted to us. O, unrequited love, your sting is painful.

We usually love and then lose them. Even with our closet and dearest parents, we love them and lose them when its time for them to leave.

We love our contemporaries and lose them when they physically relocate, mentally change their minds about us, or move on to another realm or dimension.

We spend time searching for our soul mate who is the right one and who appreciates our love. Sometimes, we spend many years searching for this elusive person. Just when we think we have it all, it is time to say goodbye.

Some of us never meet our requited love. We are spurned. We may continue to dream of meeting our one true requited love. We think we shall be happier when we have that requited love. But that is not a given. We may change, or our requited love may change.

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