Dreaming of Happy New Year 2021

This is my waking reality dream of a Happy New Year 2021. Last December 2020, I had a major change. Without further ado, I share my

New Year Resolutions 2021:

  1. Produce at least 1 piece of art per week. In 2 years’ time, I should have a library of 100 small miniatures.
  2. Continue blogging.
  3. Continue writing fiction.
  4. Draw in MS Paint and save as jpg.
  5. Do a home spring cleaning once in a few months. Throw away unused junk.
  6. Keep my home neat. Things should be contained in boxes to avoid collecting dust.
  7. Speak softly, avoid gossiping about neighbors, keep a low, humble profile.
  8. Set up a room for study, art, sewing, and computer work. Require at least two tables.
  9. Sort things into categories in separate boxes. Eg. kitchen stuff box, art supplies box, book box etc. This will facilitate better packing for my next move.

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