Dreaming of Games Neighbors Play

One night, I was dreaming of games my neighbors play.

I was very happy to move into my new home. I had just returned from a different geography and this was my first real home, in my homeland. The first people who witnessed me moving in were the security. They didn’t understand why I was shining with happiness. I was called back from like 3000 km away. I malnutrition, insufficient sleep, scurvy, rheumatism, and abuse, among other untold sufferings.

I was happy to have a home. I was happy to be home. I didn’t understand why people played games.

People in my neighborhood playing games were those working the security. Then, the estate manager pitched in. The postmen played their brief games. A few neighbors played. When the woman living downstairs became separated from her partner, she started her games. My neighbors overlooking my apartment became financially challenged with loss of income during Covid-19. They started their games.

It was a complicated dream.

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