Dreaming of frog croaking

If you were dreaming of a frog croaking, it might refer to the fairy tale where a frog turns into a prince when he received a kiss from a young woman. The dream metaphor of kissing a frog which transforms into a prince, holds meaning because of its association with the belief that surprises can happen.

If you had heard of a frog croaking during your waking hours, this stimulus might register in your brain and make such an impression that you might dream of a frog in your sleep.

If you keep a pet frog, or commonly encounter frogs in your environments, then this dream may not contain special significance for you. In this type of situation, you’re dreaming of a common theme that you face during your waking hours and this does not hold special meaning.

Dreaming of a frog croaking can mean:

  1. You desire attention to spread the word about something.
  2. You are talking (croaking) about something which requires attention to address the wrong.
  3. You desire attention from people or potential romantic interest.
Purple Frog.

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