Dreaming of drip

What kind of drip were you dreaming about? If you were dreaming of the intravenous drip, you might be getting a message that you need nourishment. If you’ve been physically run down, you need to eat better, sleep sufficiently and exercise moderately. Your body may have sent a message to your brain, to inform you of the need to recharge and replenish depleted nutrients.

If you were dreaming of a drug drip, you need to reflect more of what the dream imagery is trying to tell you. Bear in mind that dreams continue your themes in waking life. The meaning of your dreams depends on how you relate to the symbols, in your present state in life.

If you were dreaming that water was dripping in your home or office, it means something is wrong. It means you need to check on what can be done to improve the situation and to stop the drip. Certainly damages are being incurred your sufferings are due to the problem. If you tackle the source of problem, your other consequential problems will slowly get resolved.

Prompt – Daily Addictions drip.

Dreaming of rain.