Dreaming of cutting cloth

To be dreaming of cutting cloth can mean you have to cut your cloth according to your measure. You should tackle tasks that you have abilities to handle. This way, you are ensured of success. If you assume tasks that require skills above your capabilities, then there is a high probability you may flounder and grapple with your task.

If you are a tailor or seamstress by vocation, then your dream of cutting cloth does not bear special meaning. Since you handle the cutting of fabrics on a daily basis, then dreaming of this act, may be merely triggered by your exposure to this action.

If you rarely cut cloth and dream of doing this, your dream has special significance. Your brain has chosen to use this imagery for reasons like linking it to certain meanings known to you. If you reflect on the associations related to the act of cutting cloth, you’ll be able to get clues of its symbolism, and what your dream’s message is.

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