Dreaming of cafe

If you were dreaming of a cafe, it can mean you had been thinking of visiting one. If you are a regular in a particular cafe, you would be familiar with it and its image readily pops up in your mind, so much so that you dream of it easily.

You might like to think about what it is that made you dream of this cafe. Maybe because it was your favorite place to patronize, or someone you regularly see at the cafe?

If you are an introvert who dislikes the crowd, and are surprised by your dream of a busy, crowded place, take this dream as a suggestion to you, to try to go out to see different environments. The cafe is a beginning as it is a relatively easy going place to start with socialising. Well, not actually actively mixing around as every patron can choose to do their own thing. However, it is an easy place to fit in.

If you have been drinking plenty of coffee and tea in your waking life, and dream of a cafe, then this dream may be telling you a different kind of message. That you have been drinking so much caffeine that the cafe has become your go-to place, even in your dream. You can try to verify this interpretation, by recording the number of cups of coffee and tea you drink every day.

If you could hear the characters in the cafe talking, try to recall what they were chatting about. Did you know any of the people inside the cafe? Did anyone talk to you? Were the topics of conversation of concern to you? Were there any themes that relate to you in your waking life?

If you think that people and/ or topics were associated to your real life, then your dream was trying to tell you some messages. What happened in your reality, maybe recreated in this dream, to convey a message.

Dreaming of a cafe can mean any of these interpretations, or something else. The meaning of this dream depends on your personal interpretation, based on your unique experiences, knowledge, values and intuition of what the dream imagery means to you.

Photos of cafes you may have dreamed about.

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