Dreaming of being sickly

If you were dreaming of being sickly, it means you have not been active in your real life. This dream can be a call for you to play an active role in your capacity. Maybe you were out of touch with people and events. Usually, sick people do not interact with others. Your behavior and attitude may have triggered this dream.

A dream of being sickly can mean you are taking time out to renew yourself. You are being recharged and the new version will be stronger.

Dreaming of being sickly can also be a refection of the state of affairs around you. If your home or workplace are not well oiled and efficient, you might get this type of dream.

If you have been facing difficulties at work, or at home, you might dream of being sickly.

If you dream of being so sick that you can’t get out of bed and was rendered immobile, then this dream is a reminder of possible threat.

Dreaming of a bald head can mean the person is sick and all his hair has fallen off.