Dreaming of anxieties: 10 Ways To Cope with Anxiety Dreams

Put your anxieties and worries on clouds and say goodbye to them.

What happens when you dream of anxieties? What to do when you dream of anxieties & threats?

#1 Say goodbye to anxieties.

#2 Breathe.

Breathe. Slow down. Assimilate more.

#3 If you had an anxiety dream because you made mistakes, tell yourself its okay to make mistakes.

Be mindful at work. A mistake could cost you.

#4 Surrender suspicious threats to your mental peace.

Dream of daytime activity like praying.

#5 God loves you big or small and you should love yourself too.

Dreaming of giant or dreaming of dwarf.

#6 Respect yourself.

Meaning of dreaming of doing yoga.

#7 Stop trying to please everyone.

Be mindful to prepare early for gift giving.

#8 Let go when people don’t listen. Don’t be anxious over issues you can’t control.

Be mindful that you don’t disturb another person.

#9 Know your anger and manage it.

Be mindful of what hair dyes can do to your hair.

#10 Manage challenges by accepting alternative solutions.

Dream of being lost