Dreaming of a masked spy means

Dreaming of a masked spy means you may have reasons to believe people are spying on you.

This is a true story.

This picture reminds me of people who see and hear me all the time. They are neighbors. Ever since this Covid-19 pandemic, my neighbors have been stuck at home. They are either work-from-home, or jobless. They are antagonistic. They spy for various purposes like out of curiosity, entertainment, prying for opportunities to grab for themselves.

My neighbor downstairs can hear me from my open windows and even the bathroom ventilator window. They want to toss me their baby and bath water.

My neighbor opposite wants to borrow money to pay loans. They want to save money by circum-navigating the credit card interest which is a hefty 27%.

My neighbor to my left wants to borrow money to pay their housing mortgage and other expenses.

I’m 99% sure they can’t return any money.

I’m sorry, I’m not a bank.

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