Dreaming cheating lover returning

What to say for the dream interpretation of cheating lover returning? It was a dream of nostalgia; of wishful thinking. Especially if that person broke off without a proper closure. This dream of a cheating lover returning fulfills your desire to see a closure, or continuation of your theme of wondering what had happened to make that person varnish from your life.

I like Freud’s theories of dream interpretations. However, even if I were to respect Jung and use his theories, I would still say it is a far fetched idea that your dream of your lover returning, could be a prophesy (foretelling) of this event happening.

Jung would say it is possible for an Oracle to appear in your dream, to offer advice, like a mentor. Jung believed the Universe had such Oracles with knowledge of the collective unconsciousness (powerful know-it-all), who appears to people who need their advice.

So, the returning lover does not fall into this category of Oracles and they are not recognized as being legitimate in the skill of foretelling. This means the dream image of a returning lover does not mean he or she is predicted to return to your life.