Dreaming can be past life recall

If you have a recurring dream that is a nightmare, like dreaming of being in a bad situation and knowing it leads to death, this nightmare can be a recall of a past life. How to deal with a recurring nightmare? You should talk to a therapist/ psychiatrist. If there is a dream therapy group, you might like to try joining them to discuss about your nightmare, and learn about what others dream about too.

Usually, after a nightmare has been analysed, it may stop recurring. If the nightmare is about a past life, then it may stop because it has been confronted and acknowledged.

There have always been some beliefs in reincarnation. Some people dream about experiences which they had, which can not be explained in their present lives. They have knowledge which they would not normally possess in their present life. This may be explained by the theory of reincarnation, meaning they could have been reincarnated into this different life.

Why do some people remember past experiences, while most people don’t? There is no empirical evidence to back claims. Common theories that are floated around say that people who recall past lives, are pious or religious and this factor has made them privileged enough to remember past lives.

Men and women dream and have nightmares too.

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