Dream your boyfriend was cross dressing

If you dream your boyfriend was cross dressing, ask yourself, can this be possible? Have you seen signs of him wearing traditional female clothes, accessories or makeup?

Sometimes, dreaming that a man uses female things can mean he is letting his feminine qualities show.

Another dream interpretation of cross dressing is about changing to become more sensitive and showing more empathy.

In countries where Islamic law prevails over any other kind of civil law or other religious laws, males are banned from dressing in female garments. Males cross dressing as females are likely to face arrest. Muslims, non-muslims and foreigners are usually expected to obey the country’s Islamic laws.

Fashion trends in the 21st century for males transcend traditions and cultures. Fashion houses regularly tout traditionally feminine skirts, dresses, panty hose, makeup and hair styles for men too. Men want to look good too. Cross dressing is becoming common.