Dream your boyfriend was cross dressing

If you dream your boyfriend was cross dressing, ask yourself, can this be possible? Have you seen signs of him wearing traditional female clothes, accessories or makeup?

Sometimes, dreaming that a man uses female things can mean he is letting his feminine qualities show.

Another dream interpretation of cross dressing is about changing to become more sensitive and showing more empathy.

In countries where Islamic law prevails over any other kind of civil law or other religious laws, males are banned from dressing in female garments. Males cross dressing as females are likely to face arrest. Muslims, non-muslims and foreigners are usually expected to obey the country’s Islamic laws.

Fashion trends in the 21st century for males transcend traditions and cultures. Fashion houses regularly tout traditionally feminine skirts, dresses, panty hose, makeup and hair styles for men too. Men want to look good too. Cross dressing is becoming common.

Why are there dreams about men cross-dressing?

  1. Men cross dress to express their status.
  2. Men wear traditionally feminine clothes to express their feminine side of their masculine personality.
  3. To challenge against the stigma of wearing “feminine” clothing conventionally belonging to females.

Dreams about men cross dressing may mean one of these reasons.

Dream interpretation for male wearing female clothes
Meaning of dreaming male wear female clothes

Here are suggestions on how traditionally feminine styles can be used with a twist to flatter the male figure. It looks like your boyfriend may be cross-dressing, but yet not. Because something masculine is worn to complement the look.

  1. The raincoat

The raincoat is a single piece garment. Nobody called it a dress. Until fashion designers used cloth instead of plastic, to make a stylish version of the dress coat for men. To add details, a long dress shirt is worn over it. To co-ordinate the layers, one garment would be of a single color, while the other clothing can be a colorful print.

The coat dress can be varied to include a multi-layered tiered dress. A long coat with tails may be worn over this feminine dress coat, to emphasize a touch of masculinity.

These are evergreen classics which are available off the rack.

2. The trench coat can be used to style similarly. Men, flaunt some leg with the raincoat & trench coat styles.

3. The over-sized dress shirt can be accessorized with a single colored scarf for the office. After office hours, the monochromatic scarf can be traded for something more colorful. The baggy shirt will go well for narrow pants or baggy ones.

4. Men in three piece suits are eye catching. Make this a three piece skirt-jacket-shirt suit. Another variation would be to wear a maxi length dress under the skirt and blazer. You can accessorize with an oversized scarf tied into a bow.

5. Bring out the humble singlet and show off the male torso. Wear it with pricey items like faux fur, leather, silk, velvet & etc.

6. Ankle length coats. This is coolly worn like a maxi. The man can wear sporty clothes under, or shirt and trousers combo.

7. Monochrome skirts for men look good with colorful shirts or plain colored ones.

8. A ball gown will look good with a formal suit top.

9. Show some skin wearing lace shirts.

10. Layer your tops with the longest as your basic, innermost layer. This top should be having the longest sleeves too. Your next layer can be shorter than your first shirt. Your third top can be a short pullover.

11. Expose your mid riff by wearing a variety of cropped tops.

12. Flex your biceps in sleeveless singlets.

13. Wear ruffles on your sleeves and pant leg.

One of the earliest pioneers of feminine male clothings was Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde, who lived from Oct. 16 1854 to Nov. 30 1900, was a poet, writer and playwright. He dressed flamboyantly. His fashion trend was to wear tight fitting trousers, shirts with bows, & large, flowing capes. The expanse of fabric gave the impression of being well dressed. His tailored clothes used elements of traditionally feminine styles. It expressed his sexuality and artistic aesthetics.

Oscar Wilde was married but that didn’t hinder him from making relationships with gay men. He wore his sentiment on his heart in the form of a green carnation on his shirt or coat. His Victorian society decoded this as an expression of his orientation towards gay men.

Although Oscar Wilde didn’t wear female clothes in the form of cross-dressing, but his taiolored frockcoats and double breasted vest-coats spoke of details invested in dressing and grooming.

Wilde remained famous long after his death, thanks to his literary works. In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent took a leaf from Wilde’s photograph collection of his showy wardrobe and designed knickerbocker suits for women.

By the 21st century, other high fashion houses had also picked up the trail of Oscar Wilde’s dandy fashion and made similar clothes for men. Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Valentino are all sewing men’s shirts with oversized bows, scarves, lace, and fabric flower corsages.

Cross-dressing or gender fluid?

We have the short shirts and super cropped tops. How about the long shirt? Every time I venture out of my home, I see the long shirt worn as a dress shirt. Its time to hang loose. I suggest the shirt maxi. After all, the floor duster coats have been around for decades.

Why advocate for the over-sized shirts? Here are a bunch of reasons.

  1. The shirt is unisex. You can borrow shirts from your Other Half.
  2. You can wear almost any bottom under your long shirt. It covers imperfect shorts, tights, bermudas, cargo pants . or skirt.
  3. The billowy huge shirt is economical to make and own. One size fits many sizes of wearers. This means your closet may get raided by members of your household as they dive in to grab a long shirt.
  4. Do you have torn shorts or worn out trousers? You can keep wearing them under a long shirt.
  5. If you love being wrapped in a shirt embrace, pair it with an equally long coat.
  6. The flowing shirt creates the optical illusion of being tall. Eyes follow the shirt down to see where the shirt ends.
  7. The translucent or transparent long shirt affords opportunity for males to show off their physique.
  8. The long shirt’s vast expanse offers luxury of fabric.

Now that you’re familiar with the long shirt, let’s talk about what it means to dream of wearing the long shirt.

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