Dream you met your deceased beloved but do you want to return to your reality?

What happens when you dream you met your deceased beloved friend/ relative but do you want to return to your reality? If you return to your waking life, you’ll never see that deceased beloved person again. We have all loved and lost at least one person, in our lifetime. Did you ever wish to see your beloved again? If you see them, even in a dream, would you want to stay with them? Be careful what you wish for.

When awake, many people would not volunteer to die, even if it allows them to be with their favorite, beloved, deceased one. This decision remains constant and continues into the dreamworld. This means when this living person has a dream of the deceased, they will continue to use their decision which was made during their waking hour.

I saw these dark colored clouds in the sky, on May 6 2018. Who knows exactly how they were created.

Clouds as creatures.

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