Dream that her husband left her to talk to his former girlfriend

One of the worst dreams is for a woman to dream that her husband left her, to talk to his former girlfriend. It is as if he betrayed her and preferred his former girlfriend.

A woman told me her dream. Her husband, toddler daughter and herself went to the airport. The little girl’s father fetched a trolley for his daughter to sit inside. The mother pushed this trolley along. The father sat on a bench and stayed behind, to speak to a female friend, who was his old friend from his hometown. It was kind of strange that he preferred to leave his wife and daughter alone to walk and move ahead, while he preferred the company of his old female friend.

Dream interpretation of husband leaving his wife and daughter alone:

The woman had intuition that her husband was no longer interested in his family. In reality, he took a job overseas to enjoy freedom, so that his female friend could visit him whenever she desired. This dream played the same old elements of betrayal, the wife already knew, but brushed aside because she wanted to remain in her marriage, for the sake of her daughter.

Meaning of dreaming about wedding cake.

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