Dream riding donkey

If you dream of riding a donkey, its meaning is usually related to the story in the bible. Jesus was riding into Jerusalem town on a donkey. He was wronged as a sinner. As Jesus was famous for riding into town on a donkey, that act and dream image became closely associated with him. The dream interpretation of riding on donkey usually means you will be falsely accused of doing something bad.

Meaning of dreaming of donkey or mule
Flow chart of Meaning of dreaming of donkey or mule

Donkeys are sturdy animals. Morocco suffered a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on September 8 2023. Many roads were destroyed. Locals resorted to using donkeys to carry essential supplies to stranded people.

Other dream interpretations of riding donkey:

It means you’ll be using someone’s energy to get to your destination.If you’re riding on a donkey who is under stress, then it means your source of energy is diminishing. If your donkey is used to pull a cart, it means you’re focused on getting work done. If the dreamner is male, and he dreams of a female donkey, it means the dream is about a woman/ Anima/ feminine.

If the dreamer is female and she dreams of a male stallion (male horse) then her dream is about her Animus/ relationship with a man.

The donkey, which carries the rider in the dream, is a beast of burden. In dream interpretation, this donkey is the Mother Archetype.

The Mother Archetype is a basic blueprint we have in our subconsciousness. This blueprint gets influenced and distorted by childhood, socialisation and later, your parental experience.

There are eight main Mother Archetypes. They are:

  1. Kindly Mother. This is the traditional motherly figure who nurtures.
  2. Destructive Mother. This is the non-supportive mother who opposes everything you stand for.
  3. Princess Archetype. She is pampered and slightly biased.
  4. Siren Archetype. She is aware of her feminine charms and uses them to trap male and female people alike.
  5. The Amazon. She is the independent and single career woman.
  6. The Competitor. She behaves like a competitor, constantly vying to be the best in whatever field she has set her sights on.
  7. The Priestess. She uses her knowledge for everyone’s common good.
  8. The Witch. She’s the self-centered woman who manipulates to achieve her goals.

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