Dream of wise man who said remember why you started

What does it mean when you dream of a wise man who tells you a bit of advice like, “Remember why you started?” This is the scenario for a writing prompt and I thought it can be used in the context of a dream.

“Remember why you started” is like wise words from a sage. Evidently, you started a project of any sort, because you had a goal in mind. The wish could have been a tangible or intangible one. The result may not materialize if you are chasing a futile effort. You might get discouraged. If this is what you experience in a real life situation. It helps to be reminded why you started, on whatever you were doing. This reminder might encourage you to persevere, or do the opposite, by discouraging you.

“Remember why you started” and if the direction does not fall in line with your initial goal, then you have to think hard about maintaining this same direction.

Writing prompt photo (Writing prompt 1).