Dream of wife’s boyfriend

If you’re a man, you may dream of wife’s boyfriend, if you receive stimuli that says she has a boyfriend.

If you’re a married woman and have a boyfriend, you should be aware that signs and symptoms are giveaway indications that you’re having an extramarital affair.

Men, when would you dream of your wife’s boyfriend? When you hear excuses for spending time away from you and home.

What are the common excuses and stories cooked up by cheating wives?

  1. She often goes out alone to do activities that don’t involve you.
  2. She says she’s going to the spa.
  3. She says she is going to the gym.
  4. She says she has an appointment at the salon.
  5. She wants to get her nails done.
  6. She says she’s meeting her girlfriends for a game of cards.
  7. She says she has cooking class.
  8. She says she has overtime.
  9. She says she has to attend a work related issue out of town.
  10. She says she wants to walk the dog. Everyday.
  11. She wants to go shopping for groceries or clothes.
  12. She wants to go and see her mom.
  13. She wants to see her girlfriends.
  14. She wants to go bowling.
  15. She grooms herself well and applies stunning makeup.
  16. She dresses provocatively.
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