Dream of someone being blind

There are different types of blindness. There are eyes which do not see because the brain does not process the information. There is psychological blindness which shows itself as the inability to respond, because of prior “programming” of the brain, which has biased it.

I dreamed my male relative was blind, when in reality, he was not. However, I could understand the origins and trigger for this dream. The person was seeing and yet acted as though he was unseeing. He received stimulus input from his sight, and four other senses, but his brain could not process them. He behaved as though he did not receive the input of information. For example, he saw that his sister was being bullied, but he did not act. He behaved as though he was unseeing. His brain had challenges. When asked why he did not help or say anything to assist in that matter, he said, “So what?” This lack of empathy and brusque response showed his brain was not functioning as per norm of social acceptance.

Have you ever dreamed of someone being blind? Or yourself being blind?

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