Dream of searching for something

If you dream of searching for something, your reaction after waking up, is to look for that item in your dream. If you can find it, you would then try to think of the importance of this item. Why do you think you needed this item in your dream? Do you appreciate this thing in your waking life too?

What happens if the item you were looking for in your dream, does not exist in your life? Maybe this is a hint that you may wish to get that item. Perhaps it can be of importance or use to you, which was why your brain made you dream about it.

At other times, there maybe no significance of the item being sought after, in your dream. You could have taken a fancy to the item in your waking day. Then your brain made you dream about it.

Whichever meaning is suitable to interpreting your dream? This depends on you. The meaning that best fits you, depends on your circumstances in your present life, your experiences dealing with that item, and what it means to you.