Dream of masquerade mask

If you dream of masquerade mask, does it belong to you? If it is your mask, it can mean you are not comfortable with showing your identity to society. Maybe you have reason to distrust others. You want to protect yourself and you wear a mask to hide your true self.

If you are doing this consciously and you’re confident, you can manage your different identities.

If you have difficulties managing your masked identity, then you are at conflict with yourself.

Here are interpretations, thoughts and considerations of what it means to dream of wearing a mask:

  1. Dream of wearing a mask can be interpreted as desiring to hide your face.

You prefer to show the chosen image, which is the mask. You don’t want to show your real self.

A person, either they dream, or don’t dream, can be acting like a masked one, behaving in a masquerade (even without wearing an external mask; or they are unaware they are playing in a masquerade).

For example, a person who has interrupted development in childhood. Such a person is likely to dream of their childhood experiences. Their dreams tend to be masquerades, like their living reality. Their truths are painful and they need a layer of displacement to mask their truths, their invented drams are displaced versions of their facts.

If the person had negative experiences of their father or mother, they won’t dream directly of these parental figures. Instead, parents are substituted as other images with similar authority and associations.

If such a dreamer works through their issues, they will improve. Slowly, they start to see their actual father and mother in their dreams.

2. The second interpretation can mean you’re playing a different personality. The wearer plays the role of the identity portrayed by the mask. The mask has another function of hiding the user.

What did your face mask look like? Who are you pretending to be? Did you dream of yourself wearing a costume too?

Obviously, your masked role contrasts with your original character and personality. You’re under pressure and stress to behave “in character” of the masked identity.

Are you directed/ instructed to play that role? Or are you your own director?

3. Dreaming of wearing heavy makeup which acts like a layer to mask your face, can mean you wish to conceal your natural looks.

You’re either concealing your real face, or enhancing your natural look. Heavy, thick makeup is like a masquerade mask.

What’s the difference between dreaming of wearing a face mask and wearing makeup?

Using makeup enhances your good features, hides blemishes, and can even create artificial features like a nose with a higher nose bridge. You’re using your own face. Wearing a mask means hiding your real face.

4. You dream of wearing a mask to hide you’re an imposter, because you’re pretending to be the personality portrayed by the mask. If you’re pretending to be someone different, in order to achieve your ulterior motive, you’re creating discrepancy in yourself. Your conscience is uncomfortable and has stimulated this dream.

5. You’re told in your dream that character could be an imposter. Your unconscious mind wishes to warn you that person is wearing a different face. During the day, your intuition has told you that person is insincere, or not who they pretend to be. This has bothered you and stimulated this dream.

6. In your dream, do you know if your mask looks better than your real face? If so, do you choose to wear your mask to project a better looking face?

7. Is your mask a compensation for perceived shortcomings? Maybe you’re not confident of your looks. You may have body image issues.

8. Wearing a mask has its disadvantages. You have pasted a fixed, expressionless face. You can’t show your emotions.

9. Can you recognise the masked person in your dream? There are theories on dream characters being aspects of the dreamer’s self, or alternate personalities, or they could be characters the dreamer knows in waking life.

10. In your dream, did you stare uncomfortably at the masked face, or try to recognise the person behind the mask? If you recognise that person, what does this tell you about their motive to hide and deceive you?

11. Why do people dream of wearing a mask to change their face? One reason could be that they desire to start afresh, to be free from their old face and baggage (issues) attached to them.

12. If you’re hiding your face behind a mask, what are your possible reasons for doing so? Are you hiding because of lack of confidence, shame, guilt or avoidance? You can be hiding from people, or hiding from yourself because you don’t want to face up to responsibilities.

13. Dreaming of assuming another identity can mean you’re running away from your set of circumstances. You want to be somebody else who doesn’t have your problems. You know your temporary relief is not a fix. You know you’ve to find your solutions.

14. Your desire to become somebody who is better equipped to handle life can reflect your secret admiration for an important person.

15. Masking and camouflaging your regular clothing along with the mask, can mean a serious attempt at changing an identity. While people do role play for short periods of time, masking outside this purpose speaks of other issues.

16. Some religions and cultures encourage women to wear a face mask to protect one’s modesty. For example, Muslim women may wear a cloth covering 3/4 of their face, from below the eyes, down to the neck. This is in addition to their clothing, which covers their entire body.

17. Wearing a mask and/ or costume panders to playing out one’s fantasy. Experimenting with gender fluidity

Some people dress up secretly in costumes or the opposite gender’s clothing. As they gain more confidence in their stance, they will show themselves in public wearing their alternate identities.

18. A face mask that covers the the area around the eyes, like goggles with narrow slits for the eyes to look out from, leaves the rest of the face exposed. The image of the lips provides additional clues to decode for more meanings.

How do we interpret dreams of looking at lips on faces which are masked around the eyes? Here are some dream interpretations of lips:

(1) Chapped lips means the speaker has difficulty talking or has a tendency to say awkward utterances.

(2) Cut lips which look like they were punched means they have been in a fight.

(3) Swollen lips are a metaphor for a head swelled with pride. Some people ask, what’s the difference between swollen lips and fat lips? Here’s the dream meaning for fat lips:

(4) Fat lips mean the person has a habit of talking about provocative, controversial statementsthat make others angry.

(5) Dream imagery of a face with cut off lips means the person has restrictions like being unable to talk, or incapacitated to eat.

(6) If you dream of lips wearing lipstick, it means that person has oratorical skills.

19. Tattooed skin is also a kind of mask. When a tattoo is on a part of the body other then the face, it is also a type of mask that covers your real skin. Artistic tattoos give the impression of the wearer, who had chosen those tatts to reflect their taste in designs.

20. A person can pretend to evoke a certain mood, even without wearing a physical mask. You can pretend to smile, while actually feeling sad. You retreat into your inner self, while using your exterior physical features, to pretend to be happy.

21. if you see a woman as a stereotype, the the image of a woman is like a mask, which stands for the female gender stereotype of feminine, motherly, nurturing, & etc.

22. Clothing can work as a mask too. We can use clothing to dress up as a character type. Clothing can be used to reveal or hide. Fitting clothes show off the body’s form, while loose clothing hides the shape of the body. Undressing off your clothes is like unmasking. You show your true form.

Your clothes reflect your role and social standing in society. You dress your part, like a mask you wear . How much money you’re willing to invest in clothes reveals your financial status. You get what you pay for and it shows in the goods.

Since an article of clothing is like a mask, wearing mutiple layers of clothes is like putting on many masks. Why do people use several layers of clothing as masks? You may desire to protect yourself from physical closeness with others. You might wish to insulate yourself against emotional entanglement. Specific kinds of clothes are purpose and function made. Wearing fashionable, trendy clothing projects a personality that speaks fo modernity, and social consciousness.

Wearing sports attire expresses your keen interest in sports. This type of clothing is a mask that expresses a sporty personality. Without the sports attire masking the original character, the person will be indistinguishable in ordinary, nondescript clothes.

If you dream of wearing a uniform, it means you’re wearing that uniform like a mask. Your identity is conveyed by that uniform. It announces your role and what you do in society.

If you dream of wearing another person’s clothes, like a mask to hide your own clothes, it means you have stepped into that person’s shoes and you’re playing that identity.

What does it mean to dream of wearing untidy clothes? This dream imagery presents a negative view of the dreamer. Your appearance of untidiness is a mask which says you didn’t make efforts to look neat, because you didn’t care to look groomed and make a good impression.

23. What does it mean when you dream of wearing a torn mask? How did you mask become torn? If it was through constant use and wear and tear, and you could not afford to get it replaced, this state tells of your poverty. If you were involved in a fight and your mask got damaged, then the dream warns you of the possible consequences (like damaged property), when you get into a fight.

24. If you dream of wearing clothes with stains, it means you have stains/ imperfections in your character, image or reputation.

25. Dreaming of wearing stiff clothing, like an artificial mask covering your body, means that set of clothes does not suit you. The fabrics may be stiff, or your body stiffened in reaction to wearing unsuitable clothes.

If you dream of wearing tight pants, or tight underwear, like a tight mask, it can mean your sexuality is constrained.

Dreaming of wearing thick tops like thick pullover, sweater, cardigan, jacket, coat & etc, can mean you’re protecting your torso, mainly your heart.

If you’ve dreamed of wearing a long coat, it means you’re masking your clothing underneath because you don’t wish for them to be seen. You’re hiding your clothes for a reason.

Gloves mask the hands and dreaming of wearing gloves means you want to hide or protect your hands. A more sinister meaning concerns protecting your identity by not leaving fingerprints behind.

Dreaming of a certain type of clothing worn during a time period is associated with the traits of that era. The period clothing is like a mask to symbolise that era, and other associations linked to it.

The color of face masks, or color of clothings, carries meanings too. Dreaming of wearing a red face mask symbolises danger or anger. Seeing another dream character wearing a blue face mask means that person feels blue, and is depressed. The color used represents metaphors and is used to convey a message.

However, there are exceptions to the common rule. If surgical masks are used, then they are usually light blue. This is the standard color for surgical face masks, unless they have bought face masks in other colors. So when you dream of yourself wearing a surgical face mask, especially during health scare pandemics, then you can’t analyse your dream with confidence, because you saw the standard face mask, which is of light blue color.

Another line of thought is that maybe the dreamer who wore a pale blue mask becomes “blue” with negativity or depression, because the color affected the eyes, brain and thus emotions.

If a character in a dream wears a mask or clothing belonging to another person, there are two dream interpretations. One meaning is that this character resembles the other character, who owns the original face mask. Another dream meaning is that you’re dreaming of the original character who owns this item.

Instead of a simple face mask or eye mask, you may dream of someone wearing thick, concealing makeup. Someone dressed up as a clown would be having thick makeup. The dream interpretation of a clown is a joker who is artificially made up to appear like a comic. This icon appears in your dream to inform you that you didn’t pay enough attention to a situation. Someone is trying to trick you with a clownish appearance which is fake and intended to deceive you.

When you dream of wearing a mask to assume a different, fictitious identity, that make believe character has no background, no history and no emotional baggage. If you had ever desired to be free of emotional baggage that weighed you down, then you may have considered using a new identity that is without attachments.

Dreaming of wearing a mask can mean you wish to hide your identity because you intend to cheat or do bad activities. That’s why you don’t want people to recognise you and then take revenge and do retribution on you.

Dreaming of a mask wearer character is symbolic. In real life, people don’t always wear masks, but they maybe still playing games to disguise their true identities and intentions. These people mask themselves without using a mask as a prop. They are more dangerous because you need time, knowledge, experience and intuition to figure them out.

If you dream of your partner/ spouse wearing a mask, it can mean that person is deceiving you with a fake front, or cheating you in some way. They could also be cheating you with their time or other resources. Maybe you had this dream because your brain was stimulated. You could have noticed changes in their behaviors, or you were suspicious. Sometimes, you think you’re being cheated because the symptoms were obvious.

Why would a person hide their face? They may not want to show their face if they have a physical flaw or blemish. The problems are low confidence in self-image, lacking in self-love, and shame of one’s facial appearance.

In your dream, dd you notice any differences between your right and left side of the mask? The left side is usually associated with being wrong. Consequentially, the right side of the mask is linked to being right. If there is something conspicuous on the left side. of the mask, it hints at something being wrong. By the same argument, something wood about the right side, would hint that the answer to an issue is the right one. What the mask looks like on the left or right side gives clues on some issues.

To see a dream character wearing a mask or tape covering the mouth means that person wishes to keep silent. A metaphorical meaning of seeing a dream character in a mask means that person is supposed to be a stranger.


In a dream, you may not recognize a character wearing a mask, not because of the masquerade, but because that person acts totally out of their normal character.

A common belief about dream characters is that they are usually projections of the dreamer. These characters are aspects of yourself. You may not recognize the characters because you were unaware of the many aspects of yourself.

You will not read about this frequently because it requires in-depth research into psychology and Jung‘s basic principles.

Table summary of dream interpretations of wearing a mask:

to hide face,

role play,

conceal natural looks,

being an imposter,

another person wearing mask is imposter,

to look better,

self-image confidence issue,

hide facial expressions and emotions,

lack of confidence,

desire to distant self from old issues,

hiding from responsibilities,

need to find solutions,

emulating somebody important,

for culture or religion,

secret fantasy,

gender fluid,

alternate identities,

covering the face for modesty, as preached by some religions,

if the mask doesn’t cover the lips, then their condition carries meanings,

tattoos are like masks,

fake mood is a mask,

gender is a mask of stereotype,

clothes are masks to hide or reveal,

style of clothing projects a certain personality (mask),

wearing a uniform is a mask to project the role,

wearing untidy clothes is a mask,

wearing a torn mask is a warning,

wearing clothes with stains means your clothing mask is damaged,

wearing stiff clothes is a type of mask too,

wearing tight clothing is like wearing a tight mask,

wearing thick tops to mask and protect your heart,

wearing a long coat to mask clothing under it,

wearing gloves mask the hands,

wearing period costumes carries clues by associations,

the colors of face masks represent meanings,

the blue mask represents depression,

thinking of the person whose face is on the mask,

Face makeup of a clown,

wearing a new identity without old emotional attachments,

hiding your identity because you have bad intentions,

some people can pretend without using masks,

dreaming of a close person wearing a mask usually means you’re being cheated,

any odd markings on the mask on the left side, or right side, gives clues on whatever issues/ problems at hand,

any mask or tape covering the mouth can mean the wearer wishes to keep quiet,

& etc.

Here is a list of dream meanings associated with dream characters using masks in masquerade.

  1. hiding from present
  2. role playing
  3. masking because makeup is insufficient to cover-up
  4. directing
  5. compensate for looks
  6. aid to inconfidence
  7. alter ego
  8. fresh identity
  9. hiding from past
  10. shirking responsibilities
  11. mask and expose
  12. masking skin
  13. clothing mask has implications
  14. period clothing has associative meanings
  15. color of mask carries meaning
  16. untidy mask
  17. torn mask
  18. stained mask
  19. using another person’s mask
  20. not wearing a mask but still faking a personality
  21. You recognize the person behind the mask
  22. when you feel fear of a masked character
  23. when you are not afraid of a masked stranger
  24. when you can’t function when you’re not wearing a mask
  25. when you’re self-conscious without your mask
  26. when you wear a borrowed mask
  27. When you’re faking a role even without wearing a mask
  28. when you’ll even buy an expensive mask
  29. when you role play a fantasy for pleasure.

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